Kid’s Rocking Chair Makeover

Custom painted children rocking chairs are the perfect gift for anyone expecting a child, a child’s birthday, Christmas, and so on! They are great because they are personalized and can be used for years.

I have personalized 7 children’s rocking chairs and I love every single one that I have done. Take a look at my previous personalized rocking chairs:

I just recently finished a rocking chair and I wanted to show you the process I go through to get these pieces perfect.

Step 1: Get a rocking chair

You can buy these rocking chairs at thrift stores or off of secondhand online marketplaces.
This is the chair that I picked up.

Step 2: Sand the chair down

This rocking chair needed to be sanded down to remove the previous finish and those painted on sports gear and name.

Step 3: Prime the chair (doesn’t always have to be done)

Around 95% of the projects I do I have to prime the piece before painting. However, in this case, I was lucky and I did not have to prime. The wood had a natural color to it so I knew my paint would cover it without primer. Some furniture pieces that have a darker wood need to be primed in order for the paint to appear.

Step 4: Figure out what color goes where on the chair

I used four colors: navy blue, light blue, yellow, and light green for this chair. Before picking up a paintbrush I used a pencil and marked NB (navy blue) LB (light blue) G (green) and Y (yellow) on different parts on the chair so I knew what color those sections needed to be.

Step 5 and 6: Tape off other parts of the chair using painters tape then start painting

As you see in the picture above, I started off by painting the base of the chair, the armrests, the top, and the rockers. Once those parts were painted I used painters tape to protect it while I moved on to paint the spindles.

Step 7: Draw or trace on the base of the chair 

After the entire chair is painted it is time to draw or trace on any design that you would like on the base of the chair. I went with the character Tow Mater as you can faintly see below.

Step 8: Paint the base of the chair

Home stretch! It is time to paint the design that was drawn or traced on the base of the chair. I had to mix a lot of different paints to get the color I wanted so I made sure to paint it all in one night so I didn’t have to deal with remixing paint trying to match the color the next day.

Step 9: Use polycrylic to protect the chair

Now that the entire rocking chair was complete, I used a waterbased polycrylic to protect the paint from scratches and any spills that may happen.

Check out the finished product. Let me know what you think! (I am biased because I love Mater).

This chair was gifted and the new owner loves it and can’t wait to give it to her little boy.

julie with mater chair.JPG

First Build, First Failure, First Success!

I have always wanted to attempt to build a piece of furniture to see if I was any good at building/woodworking. I just never knew what to build. I wanted to make sure that whatever I built, it was going to be useful for someone. That’s when it hit me…my friend Kristi has been talking about how she wanted a sofa table for quite some time. She was never able to find something that fit her couch well or matched her living room. I knew at this moment that building one was the way to go and I could surprise her with it!

First I needed the measurements of her couch. However, I never found the perfect opportunity to take my measuring tape out and measure without ruining the surprise. So instead, I went online, found her couch and pulled the measurements from the website.

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Dresser to Bar Transformation

The project that you are about to see has to be by far one of my favorite pieces that Nat and I made in 2017.

We were able to transform a dresser into a bar!

I found this dresser and immediately saw how amazing it could look if it was flipped into this great bar. The dresser had amazing bones and was SOLID wood, so….it was very very heavy. Thankfully with the help of my friend, Lori, I was able to transport it back to my house to be beautified.

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6 Reasons to Refinish Your Furniture

Natalie and I started flipping furniture a few years ago because we had a passion for turning something that was no longer wanted into something that looked beautiful again.

I have to admit, when we first started we did not know all that much. Flipping is a very big learning process. Most of the time you have to learn the hard way. There was a lot of trial and error but we learned what needs to be sanded, what type of paint would look best, how to properly stain pieces, and most importantly PATIENCE! All good things take time and I know that we both tried to rush a project and trust me it didn’t turn out well. My mom always used to say when we were younger, “do it the right way the first time or you’re going to end up doing twice the work.” Who knew that this advice would apply to, well, EVERYTHING in life?! …Thank you mom, I think I learned my lesson.

I wanted to take some time to explain to you why you should always consider buying furniture from a Furniture Flipper like Nat and me.

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Roll-Top Desk Looking Brand New

Furniture flipping is no easy task. Before even starting a piece, you have to envision the final product and know exactly what needs to be done to get there.

I had this cute vintage roll-top desk that wasn’t completely abused like most of my pieces, but, it still needed some beautifying.

At first, I was a little stumped when trying to figure out what to do with this piece. After some time I decided to give it a new fresh look and feel.

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Vanity Makeover

For quite some time I wanted a vanity in my room. I was starting to get fed up with doing my makeup and hair in the bathroom that had poor lighting, no space to hold all of my necessities, and to top it all off since I am not even 5 feet tall, I would have to do everything on my tippytoes.

I was out on the hunt to find a desk that I could beautify to be my vanity.

After about 3 weeks my friend and I went for a walk around town and that’s when I found it. Right on the curbside, there was this cute desk calling my name. Instantly I walked back home, hopped into my car and put that desk into my trunk.

vanity desk before

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No More Sunken Boat

I have been dying to show you all this project that I completed recently because it is honestly one of my favorites (but yet again, I say that to a lot of my projects).

I visited my friend in Westchester, PA and was driving around the town for a little bit. That town was so adorable and it had some amazing eateries and stores. During my drive, I came across a little boat shelf sitting on the side of the road. Naturally, I pulled over because I was intrigued to see what was wrong with the little shelf that it was put out for trash. As I picked it up, check it upside down, inside out, I found absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was not only in perfect condition but it was ADORABLE, all it needed was a little love.

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