No More Sunken Boat

I have been dying to show you all this project that I completed recently because it is honestly one of my favorites (but yet again, I say that to a lot of my projects).

I visited my friend in Westchester, PA and was driving around the town for a little bit. That town was so adorable and it had some amazing eateries and stores. During my drive, I came across a little boat shelf sitting on the side of the road. Naturally, I pulled over because I was intrigued to see what was wrong with the little shelf that it was put out for trash. As I picked it up, check it upside down, inside out, I found absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was not only in perfect condition but it was ADORABLE, all it needed was a little love.

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Reupholstering Sisters

My boyfriend, Anthony, and I had just gotten an apartment together and we were in need of a kitchen table with some chairs. We managed to get a table and I was able to buy these 3 chairs that were very green!


However, I was able to see past all the green and noticed that they were in great condition. They were sturdy with a basic design, and 3 was exactly how many I needed.

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Vanity for Mom

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I wanted to share this project that I did a while back for my mom. She always wanted a vanity but never was able to find one that that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

There was one day my mom and I came across this gem at Salvation Army and I knew this was the vanity for her. It was small enough to fit perfectly in the room that she wanted to place it. However, she told me to walk away because she didn’t want me to spend my time on making her something. (Yes, she’s crazy for saying that). Unfortunately, we walked out of the store empty-handed. The whole rest of the day I had this cute vanity on my mind and knew I HAD to get it for her. 

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First Blog Post!

Hi everyone!
I am so excited that I am getting to write my first blog post to you guys! I have so much to talk about, so it is going to be a fun ride.

If you still don’t know what Find and Beautify is I will do a quick recap. My sister (Natalie) and I (Melanie) have teamed up to beautify furniture pieces. We find furniture that has been rundown and needs a little (or a lot) of TLC. On top of that, we also take in our customer’s current furniture so that we can customize and beautify it to fit their style. To find out more info about Nat and I and our business Find and Beautify you can read more here.

Okay so moving on. Let me tell you a little about what you can expect to see on our blog. Nat and I will be posting about the projects that we work on, any new crafts that we make, paintings that are created, furniture design tips, and much more (looks like you are going to have to check back in to find out)!

We encourage you to share our blog posts to friends, family, or anybody you want!

Nat and I are excited to start this journey and we could not do it without you!