Midcentury Modern Bar Beautified

There was this amazing midcentury bookcase with glass doors that entered my life and I knew that it had the potential to be spectacular! (Shout out to Natalie’s boyfriend, Anthony, for finding this piece for me).

The first thing that popped in my mind when I saw it was a midcentury modern bar. I wanted to give this piece a makeover and transform it into something beautiful. Trying to decide on a paint color for a piece is the most stressful and exciting part. I want to make sure that I choose the right color the first time to avoid having to redo it once finished.

I browsed through my massive paint collection to see what stuck out and it was this midnight blue paint color that was calling my name. I used this paint color on a coffee table that was previously refinished and I have loved it ever since. (Check out the coffee table makeover here).

When I work with midcentury furniture I always want to include a touch of gold because it just goes so well.  Since this piece had those adorable midcentury legs that already had gold dipped feet, I knew I wanted to keep that look. The feet were really dull and tarnished so they needed to be spruced up with a new coat of gold spray paint.

I painted the entire piece in the matte midnight blue but there was something missing. I decided to add an accent statement to the back part of the newly refinished modern bar. I went with a white and grey patterned stick-on wallpaper.

Now it was time for the finishing touches. I added three coats of matte polycrylic, sanding between each coat, to seal it.

This beautified midcentury modern bar found a new home where it can shine and be a beautiful accent piece!

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