Bench Turned Farmhouse Chic

Every time I am given a piece of furniture to beautify, I try to imagine how I want it to look like in the end. I will strive and work hard to make it look like or surpass how I envisioned it. I can honestly say that this bench went above and beyond how I imagined it.

A customer of mine found this bench on the curb and it was going to be thrown out. I am so happy that she was able to rescue it because she saw the potential it had. She wanted the bench to be painted white and distressed with navy and white fabric for the seat.

Bench before Picture

Let the beautifying process begin!

I first sanded the entire bench down to get rid of the previous finish. Once the bench was completely sanded, I went to remove the old fabric. As I was looking at this bench, I knew that I wanted to give it more of a modern feel. Instead of leaving the two padded seats, I wanted to make it one cohesive seating area.

I removed the old fabric, trim, and padding from the seat. This process took about 2 hours because there were hundreds of staples holding the trim and padding in place.

Now it is time for the fun part, painting! I applied two coats of primer using B.I.N Zinsser Primer/ Sealer Stain Killer. This primer is a stain blocker which stops the stain from the wood from peeking through the paint. After the primer was applied, the bench was painted with 3 coats of white paint.

As I was letting the paint on the bench dry, I started to work on reupholstering the seat. I used a 3 inch foam pad on the entire piece and then placed batting on top of the padding. I took my navy and white fabric and laid it over top the batting. I flipped the entire piece upside and started to staple down the batting and fabric.

Reupholstering has officially been completed!


Time to head back to the bench. The paint has dried entirely which meant it was time to start the distressing process. I grabbed an 80 grit piece of sandpaper and started to distress the edges of the bench. When you are distressing a piece, you really can’t go wrong. Start by distressing smaller pieces and if you want it to look more distressed then keep going. You are in control of this whole process and it’ll look great regardless.

Once I got the desired look I wanted I stopped distressing. I wiped away all the dust to get the piece ready for a top coat.


I used Miniwax water based Polycrylic as the top coat. I applied the polycrylic using a brush made specifically for that product. The only advice I can give to you when you use this product is to apply thin coats. If you apply a thick coat it will drip and you probably won’t catch all the drips before they dry.

The last step I needed to do was secure the seat in place. Voilà the bench is complete!

White Distressed BenchWhite Distressed Bench 2White Distressed Bench 3White Distressed Bench 4White Distressed Bench 5

I love how this bench has the perfect farmhouse look! Tell me what you think!

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