Coffee Table From Drab to F.A.B.!

We love to beautify furniture for our customers because there are no better words to hear than “Omg, I love it!” However, there is a downfall. We have no time to beautify the furniture that is in our own home. There are multiple pieces in my apartment that need to be given a makeover but keep being pushed to the back burner because customers’ orders come first!

I got lucky and had a little bit of down time in my schedule. Instead of kicking back and watching Netflix, I decided to redo my coffee table that was in dire need of help.

This mid-century coffee table is so awesome because not only does it look amazing but it opens up at the top adding storage space! Never can get enough storage especially in a one bedroom apartment.

I decided to go with a midnight blue paint color to tie the entire room together. However, I wanted a pop of color and what pops more than gold?!

Step 1: Sand the piece down

Step 2: Prime

Step 3: Spray paint the gold areas

Step 4: Paint

Step 5: Seal (I used a polycrylic spray)

After I completed those steps my coffee table was ready for my living room!

I’m so happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you think!

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One thought on “Coffee Table From Drab to F.A.B.!

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