Refinished Bookshelf

Natalie and I got this great opportunity to give away a piece of furniture at a tricky-tray event. We wanted to refinish a piece of furniture that was on the smaller side so that anyone could take it home. We looked through our inventory and found a cute little bookshelf that was screaming “pick me, pick me!”

This bookshelf was perfect to use as a giveaway prize! Nat and I wanted to give this piece a fresh look that would be suitable for anyone’s home. We put our heads together and came up with an idea of buying wood planks to attach to the back to make it into a new and improved bookcase.

The bookshelf was sanded down and painted white. We bought 1×3 wood planks and cut them to size. We gave all of the planks a quick sanding to make sure they didn’t look too rough. However, we did want them to keep a nice rustic look and feel to them so we didn’t smooth them out completely.


Instead of painting or staining them all one color, we decided to stain them with grey, aqua, and white. Once they were stained, we place them on the back of the bookshelf and screwed them in.

Just like that our bookcase was complete and ready for the tricky-tray!


bookshelf 4

bookshelf 3

bookshelf 5

bookshelf 2

Also congratulations to our winners of the tricky-tray giveaway! We are so happy that you were able to take this bookcase home with you!

bookshelf winners


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