First Build, First Failure, First Success!

I have always wanted to attempt to build a piece of furniture to see if I was any good at building/woodworking. I just never knew what to build. I wanted to make sure that whatever I built, it was going to be useful for someone. That’s when it hit me…my friend Kristi has been talking about how she wanted a sofa table for quite some time. She was never able to find something that fit her couch well or matched her living room. I knew at this moment that building one was the way to go and I could surprise her with it!

First I needed the measurements of her couch. However, I never found the perfect opportunity to take my measuring tape out and measure without ruining the surprise. So instead, I went online, found her couch and pulled the measurements from the website.

I went to the store and bought all the wood and screws that I needed. I went home and started to measure out everything according to the measurements that I pulled from online. The next thing to do was to saw all the pieces to size. After many hours of sawing, I finally was able to start building this table.

I ran across so many problems since this was the first time I was building something by hand. In this process, I ended up breaking 3 drill bits while I was making pilot holes. I was measuring, attaching, un-attaching, reattaching and it was stressful!

The base of the table was finished and the more I looked at it I knew something was wrong. The table looked so TALL! I measured the height of it, rechecked the online measurements and saw no error. I knew in order to get this resolved I was going to have to measure her couch when she wasn’t looking.

I went over to her house and when she went to her room to grab something I quickly decided that this was the moment to measure. I wasn’t caught, thankfully. I then matched the online measurements to the actual measurements and realized that it was 7 inches of a difference! No wonder the table looked so tall!

I have now learned to never ever trust online measurements and to make sure that I always measure by hand twice.

I now needed to cut down the table down by seven inches and screw back the new pieces in.

It only took a few mistakes to realize exactly what needed to be done to get this table put together. Once, I knew what to do it was easy breezy from there on.

Finally, I had a table! It ended up being around 6 ft long and 3 ft tall.

custom built table

Next up was painting. I only did two coats of white paint because I wanted the wood grain to peek through.

Now that the painting was done, it was surprise time. I brought the table to her house, told her to hide in the room while I set it up behind her couch. After staging it, I brought her out of the room and waited to see her reaction. Once she saw it she was so surprised and happy!

sofa table

kristi with tabl


Looking for something to be custom built? Contact us today and we can do that for you!

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