6 Reasons to Refinish Your Furniture

Natalie and I started flipping furniture a few years ago because we had a passion for turning something that was no longer wanted into something that looked beautiful again.

I have to admit, when we first started we did not know all that much. Flipping is a very big learning process. Most of the time you have to learn the hard way. There was a lot of trial and error but we learned what needs to be sanded, what type of paint would look best, how to properly stain pieces, and most importantly PATIENCE! All good things take time and I know that we both tried to rush a project and trust me it didn’t turn out well. My mom always used to say when we were younger, “do it the right way the first time or you’re going to end up doing twice the work.” Who knew that this advice would apply to, well, EVERYTHING in life?! …Thank you mom, I think I learned my lesson.

I wanted to take some time to explain to you why you should always consider buying furniture from a Furniture Flipper like Nat and me.

1. We Care

We put in so much work into our projects to make sure that we make it perfect just for you! Not only do we respect your opinion but we will work with you one-on-one to make sure that we get every little thing right. We see the beauty in the rundown furniture and want to make it look F.A.B. for you.

2. A lot of our time goes into these pieces

We both work full-time jobs, and Nat is currently a full-time student working on her Master’s degree. When we get home, we want to lay on the couch and watch TV just as bad as you do. However, we don’t. Instead, we go to our little working areas and spend countless amount of hours in beautifying these furniture pieces in hopes that someone will fall in love with it.

3. It isn’t easy

It may just seem like we are throwing on a new paint or stain on a piece but we aren’t. It takes hours to prep pieces so they can be ready for the beautifying process. Believe it or not but really small pieces can take hours or days to finish! There is a numerous amount of labor work when it comes to turning furniture from drab to fab. We take time to sand down pieces, strip paint, degloss pieces, stain and paint pieces, and saw A LOT of wood. Trust me, this isn’t for everyone.

4. Customized piece for you!

You are not just buying a piece of furniture from the store. You are getting a piece of furniture customized to exactly how you want it! You tell us what colors you want, maybe you want to alter any part of it, or maybe you want to add something in, it’s that easy!

5. A lot of materials are used

Nat and I are constantly getting new tools, sandpaper, paint, stain, paintbrushes, gloves, wood glue, wood filler….you get it, the list doesn’t end. We get all these things to make sure that all our flipped pieces turn out perfect. We make sure that we are doing all the right things to get you the best refinished piece possible. Getting all these new materials isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it

6. It saves the planet

A lot of unwanted furniture gets thrown out. This is one of the worst things for our environment because those landfills are getting bigger and bigger! Reduce waste and recycle these furniture pieces by getting them redone. Not only are you helping the environment but it will feel like a new piece to you when you get it.

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