Vanity Makeover

For quite some time I wanted a vanity in my room. I was starting to get fed up with doing my makeup and hair in the bathroom that had poor lighting, no space to hold all of my necessities, and to top it all off since I am not even 5 feet tall, I would have to do everything on my tippytoes.

I was out on the hunt to find a desk that I could beautify to be my vanity.

After about 3 weeks my friend and I went for a walk around town and that’s when I found it. Right on the curbside, there was this cute desk calling my name. Instantly I walked back home, hopped into my car and put that desk into my trunk.

vanity desk before

Now all I had to do is find a mirror that would work perfectly with this desk.
I took a trip to Salvation Army and found this amazing mirror that I had to have!

Vanity desk and mirror before.JPG

Both pieces were in rough shape and needed to be redesigned so that they look like that have been together all along.

The first step in this process was to sand down the entire desk and spray paint some primer on it. After the primer dried up, I sanded it down a bit more and it was ready to be painted.

I went with a white spray paint for this project because I wanted to be able to get a little more practice with spray painting.

I wanted to contrast the white with a different color so I decided to repaint the mirror and the hardware with gold.

vanity in progress

After a few days, I finally finished my vanity desk and part of the mirror.

To get the best possible lighting, I needed to add some lights around the mirror, and that is exactly what I did.

vanity mirror.JPG

Take a look at the final piece!

I use this piece all the time and absolutely love it! It was frustrating at times but the outcome was well worth it.

If you want a vanity just like this message us and let us know. We can easily make one for you!


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