Reupholstering Sisters

My boyfriend, Anthony, and I had just gotten an apartment together and we were in need of a kitchen table with some chairs. We managed to get a table and I was able to buy these 3 chairs that were very green!


However, I was able to see past all the green and noticed that they were in great condition. They were sturdy with a basic design, and 3 was exactly how many I needed.

Mell, Anthony and I teamed up to get these chairs beautified.
Mell and I started sanding down the chairs but let Anthony take over while we went to reupholster the seats. We picked out these ready great sturdy grey fabric which tied right into the color palette of the kitchen.

The seats were quickly upholstered (even with some trouble with the staple gun).

Now it was time to move on to spray painting the chairs. I wanted the chairs to be white because it makes them look classy, new and sleek. With a few coats of paint later the chairs were ready to be put back together.

The new upholstering made the chairs so comfy to sit on.

I am so happy with the way the turned out and how they look at the kitchen table.





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