Vanity for Mom

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I wanted to share this project that I did a while back for my mom. She always wanted a vanity but never was able to find one that that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

There was one day my mom and I came across this gem at Salvation Army and I knew this was the vanity for her. It was small enough to fit perfectly in the room that she wanted to place it. However, she told me to walk away because she didn’t want me to spend my time on making her something. (Yes, she’s crazy for saying that). Unfortunately, we walked out of the store empty-handed. The whole rest of the day I had this cute vanity on my mind and knew I HAD to get it for her. 

The next day I went back to Salvation Army and it was still there (it was meant to be)! I bought it without hesitation and I started working on it.

This vanity had such great bones and I knew at the end it was going to look beautiful! So first, I sanded the whole thing down and then started to paint it white. I reupholstered the stool (seen in the background) with this amazing purple fabric that had this great design! (Purple is my mom’s favorite color, mine too!)
What so great about this cute vanity is that the mirror opens up and reveals an area where you can hang your necklaces. The sides originally had mirrors but were missing, so I decided this would be great to place to put photos of me, my sister, Nat, and my mom.


It honestly turned out amazing and I was so excited to surprise my mom with it. I had to wait a few months to give it to her since I live in Pennsylvania and I didn’t go back home to Jersey for a bit. Time passed slowly but when I went back home to NJ and surprised my mom with it, she naturally cried. I was so happy that she was able to get the vanity that she always wanted, and have it personalized to suit her perfectly.

Love you, mom, I am so happy you love your vanity!


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